Sunday sessions

Aubergine escalope
Big changes and new additions are en route for us here at Mildreds and were very excited for what’s to come down the line, for now here’s some information on what we’ve been up to so far.
Our Head Chef Daniel Acevedo and Head Pastry Chef Sarah Wasserman have been gathering each Sunday in the restaurant to devise new recipes for the Mildreds cookbook, modifying old classics and potential new ones! Due to the volume of new recipes we aim to have a mixture of wheat and gluten free recipes as well as some much-loved veggie dishes that we have tried in the past but haven’t seen on the menu yet, so all keep your eyes peeled for some new and exciting additions to our menu selection.

Stuffed baby pumpkin
The Sunday sessions have involved testing and trying new and old Mildred’s classics to see what works best and see which dishes make the final cut for the Cookbook. What’s most important is fitting them in amongst our varied international cuisine and how it can remain balanced while still offering a good mix of gluten free and vegan options.
A few new additions to our menu include our new green juice that consists of all organic ingredients: kale, cucumber, fresh lemon juice and apples, its certain to clear up all the hazy Monday morning heads and a perfect accompaniment to all dishes on the menu.  We also have added a roast pear salad with blue cheese mousse, hazlenuts and polenta biscuits, we have re vamped our Asian stir-fry to include baby corn and mixed peppers and now comes with a shiitake mushroom sauce.

Latka with mango sauce
We hope you like our selection of photos from our Sunday sessions, more updates to come soon.

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