Tofu and banana cheesecake

Thought i would share this recipe as it has been on our menu for many years, this particular recipe has now retired from the menu but is well worthy of a blog post.  Enjoy...

Photo: Steven Lawson

Biscuit Base:
300g Digestive Biscuit
75gr Vegan Margarine
50gr  brown Sugar

5 Bananas 
500g firm Tofu
1pkt Creamed coconut block (warmed in microwave)
200ml Maple Syrup
125g brown Sugar
200ml Apple Juice
7gr Agar Agar

Blend the biscuits with the brown sugar, then add the melted vegan margarine and combine well.   Fill the bottom of a 10” lined cake tin with this mix, packing it in with the back of your hand.

For the filling heat in a pan all the ingredients except the tofu, bananas and coconut cream. Bring to boil and simmer for at least 10mins constantly stirring.

Thoroughly blend this mix together in a food processor with the tofu and creamed coconut.

Slice the bananas and place over the biscuit bases then pour over the tofu puree.   Allow to set overnight, garnish with freshly toasted coconut shavings.