Mildreds goes greener

At Mildreds we have been trying to reduce our impact on the environment.
We have installed a water filtration system to reduce impurities and limescale to our mains water that we use for cooking and washing up.  We have also installed a secondary water filtration system to replace bottled mineral water which we now offer to our customers free of charge.

We have also looked in to our waste management and as a result have started to recycle all our food waste, along with our glass bottles, plastics, tin and paper are recycled with zero to land fill initiatives.  For more information regarding recycling please follow the link

Fair trade cotton bag

We have installed water saving push taps in the bathrooms, and are in the process of changing all our lighting to L.E.D
All our take-away packaging is bio-degradable or re-usable, we have also looked into the number of suppliers we use and consolidated where possible to reduce our carbon footprint.


For our take-away customers we ask for you to re-use your salad containers and we will give you 10p back

To encourage you to reu-se we will now be charging 5p if you choose to use our paper carrier bags, instead you can buy one of our re-usable fair trade cotton bags for only £3.50 with £1 going directly to