Best Burgers In London

Our burgers hear at Mildreds continue to be the best Veggie burgers in London.  We were recently paid a visit from Ten Lifestyle as they were writing an article about the best burgers in London, we were more than happy to be included in their top 5.  

Text below taken from Ten Lifestyle, to read the full  article go to tenlifestyle-best burgers



45 Lexington Street, London W1F 9AN


At this cosy and busy vegetarian restaurant in Soho, you might expect dishes such as the organic energising detox salad, but not hearty burgers and fries. The chef makes a daily special with whatever fresh vegetables, herbs and spices he chooses, so you’ll never eat the same recipe twice. With a soya protein base and a crunchy outside, it’s great for vegetarians fed up with sloppy, disintegrating patties or a Portobello mushroom in a bun. Beetroot and Mexican-style burgers are among diners’ favourites, and all varieties are vegan, unless you add cheese. Another popular upgrade is sweet potato fries – wedges with crispy skin and sea salt. The accompanying basil mayonnaise – a secret vegan recipe – is absolutely delicious.