Apple upside down cake

With the British Apple season in full swing, we will be featuring a feast of Apple inspired recipes for you to play with while the weather isn't the best outside you can treat yourself to some delicious delights of the sweeter nature indoors.  

Apple upside down cake (this recipe is vegan)

500g caster sugar (to caramelize)
4 apples cut into 8 wedges and de-seeded

For the cake mix:
250g vegan margarine
250g caster sugar
1 cap of vanilla essence
1 apple grated
350g SR flour
100ml soy milk

baking paper 
15cm spring base cake tin
Bake at 160c for 45-50min, to touch the cake should bounce back slightly when fully cooked, alternatively prick with a toothpick, should come out clean.

The above video is taken from you tube channel Veginity .  This channel was started up by our friend and ex-colleague Mark Senn, who worked with us at Mildreds between 2004/06.  Once he left Mildreds, he headed back home to Australia via Sri Lanka, where he recorded some amazing cooking shows in rural towns with local people.  He also visited a spice farm to get a better insight to where fresh ingredients come from.  

In addition to this Mark Senn has some great vegan and vegetarian recipes on his food channel, the video above is a step by step guide on how to make a upside down caramelized apple cake. 

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  1. I made this cake recipe last night. My mouth said “OMG”. I can’t remember anything more delicious!